Dear Friends,

On the eve of the birth of our daughter and the beginning of my fiftieth year I have gathered a selection of my poetry from the last twenty-five years into a celebration/book called THE SEASONS. These poems, as the title suggests, are loosely gathered around an architecture of the seasons. I began writing them in 1989, the year that I moved to Omaha to help start the Blue Barn, and they have been a kind of ever expanding love letter since that time.

Matt Mason, Executive Director of the Nebraska Writers Collective (and kind man that he is), had this to say about the collection:

“THE SEASONS is a collection of meditations on home, heart, and the world we watch from a window in our geocentric universes, trying to figure out these planets and suns in orbit around us. Each season passes thoughtfully and wonderfully, with a splash of wisdom and a fine-tuned eye for joy."

I am excited to share this book with you and grateful to everyone who has read and responded to the poems over the years. I will continue the tradition of posting my new work here and in twenty-five years (or less) I will have book number two, poems inspired by family life, ready for you.




Spring Storm

Winds out of the north last night 
brought a forty degree drop.
This morning gray blankets the world.
The back yard is a Bruegel without peasants.
Wait, there’s the cardinal
darting through the dark green
trying to find his legs 
after the long wooden winter.

All these days of waiting.

The trees wave their black arms furiously
as the woodpecker tries to sew
the wet edges of time into their bodies.


Love Poem for the Moist Future

Little Bean
of the universe 
we are watching 
the cloud shadows
over rolling 
the green hills 
as one.

With all the ache 
and rush in the world
we surrender to love
and the blossoms horizon. 

O, how we blossom
with death 
though ill made 
by the masses.

Anyone with wet eyes 
will feel this.

When your eyes 
finally opened
they were wet.


the poetry of Kevin Lawler

The gift economy . . .
from Wiki - In anthropology and the social sciences, a gift economy is a mode of exchange where valuable goods and services are regularly given without any explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. Ideally, voluntary and recurring gift exchange circulates and redistributes wealth throughout a community, and serves to build societal ties and obligations.